About Us


Foshan Direct Glass Packaging is a 100% Australian owned Chinese company with over 50 years of combined experience in glass bottle importation to global spirit, wine and beverage markets.  While many other glass-supply companies in China purport to be glass manufacturers (but actually aren’t), we openly declare the following:

  • we are not a manufacturer but we work closely with numerous Chinese glass plants and have our own experienced and professional Procurement and Quality Control personnel on the ground in China, for each of your bottle productions.
  • we manufacture bottles according to your concept or specification or at zero cost, use our own in-house design capabilities.
  • we negotiate competitive prices with Chinese’ glass plants and we operate with reduced margins into the USA.
  • we do not incur costs in the USA by simply supplying bottles directly from the sea ports in China or to your local USA sea port. Eliminate the importers margin, dealing directly with China! 
  • we have English speaking salespeople in China who can take your enquiries or speak with our Aussie team!
  • minimum quantities of 20,000 pieces are possible for spirit bottles, sampling and mould costs are relatively inexpensive.1

From Concept To Reality

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